Hello there, I will help you with something called "parts" which are needed for making inventions. The following parts are:


Celestial OrbEdit

Mostly used for making deflection or laser inventions. These appear to be very sparkly.

Portable Gem StoneEdit

These gems are found as big rocky stones. There is a sort of switch around it, which when pressed, will shrink to the size of a pebble.

Time BallEdit

This round ball is used for reversing time or gong forward to time. This is the most rare of all rocks and stones.


Basically very hard golden rocks. These are common in the mountains.


Crystal BladeEdit

A blade which is completely made of crystal. It can even cut through the strongest steel/metal.

Gemini BladeEdit

Once a normal blade until it was infused with a Celestial Orb. Its cutting power is almost the same as a Crystal Blade's.


Demon's ArmEdit

A very, very rare item. It enhances an invention's power by light years.

Troll's ClubEdit

A club that was wielded by a troll in ancient times. It can be inserted to a fitting slot and the invention will start to glow green making the invention's power much more stronger.