"Hello, pretty lady. Here is a rose for you."
— Minjo in his flirt moments

Anime name Pro. Minjo
Manga name Minjio
Gender Male
Date of birth October 18th
Height 6"2
Weight 67Lbs
Address Inventor Kingdom building
Occupation Inventor
Likes Inventing stuff, girls
Dislikes Sleeping while inventing

Professor Minjo is a 21 year old scientist that loves to make new inventions. He is the founder of the Inventor Kingdom inventing guild.


Minjo is a fair skinned young man who has onyx eyes and black chin-length hair. His hair is spiky in the back with bangs that lengthen as he grows older. Minjo is considered handsome by some girls which Minjo uses to "finally get" a girlfriend. He wears a black shirt with his colour-changing vest invention on top of it.


Minjo when inventing something, is very focused on it. But some times when he is not inventing something, he usually brings a rose to girls his age, making him a bit of a flirt, sometimes other flowers.


High-Speed Firing Toy Gun - His very first invention. He made it when he has 13.

Colour-Changing Vest - The vest he always wears. It can change colors from purple, blue, black to red.



2x Portable Gem Stone 3x Celestial Orb


Halved Gemini Blade


1x Troll's Club